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Thank you to everyone who participated in Unbound's Vibes for Congress campaign! 1,500 vibrators can now call Congress home (except for the 244 Mitchy McConnell turned away) and together we raised $12,512 for Planned Parenthood. 

Vibes for Congress began as an initiative to educate politicians about sexual health and wellness, and to send the message that access to health care is not up for debate. 

CEO Polly Rodriguez

Vibes for Congress donation to Planned Parenthood

We invited participants to send a vibrator and educational pamphlet to the congressperson of their choice, for $15 a pop. 

75% of all proceeds went to Planned Parenthood. You know, that little organization that has been busting butt to provide access to health care for 1 out of 5 women in the United States since 1916. 

With your love, support, and plenty of mini finger-vibes, we were able to make a difference. 

The Pamphlet

Reproductive Health Stats

Reproductive Health Data