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VIDEO: Natalie Egan, the Entrepreneur Solving Workplace Inequality

VIDEO: Natalie Egan, the Entrepreneur Solving Workplace Inequality

The word "inequality" is certainly getting some serious lip service these days in the corporate and start up worlds. One can't really discuss the issue of workplace harassment without also acknowledging that it is largely the result of a homogenous pool of people ('eeeeey, cis, white, straight fellas) in clout positions that protect the status quo. While companies and the people running them acknowledge the need to diversify their workforce, not many of them are actually doing the work of creating a culture where depth in representation is seen as essential and advantageous. 

It shouldn't surprise you that when it comes to building solutions to this problem, there's a brilliant woman behind it all. Natalie Egan is an openly transgender entrepreneur who is behind the tech start up, Translator. She pitches Translator as a company "building digital solutions to help businesses promote open and inclusive cultures where all employees can be themselves and thrive." Through tools such as games, chat functions and VR, Translator works with companies who wish to excel beyond diverse hiring and tackle the equally important task of nurturing a healthy, safe environment for everyone. 

Our CEO, Polly Rodriguez sat down with Natalie to chat about her experience as a trans woman and serial entrepreneur revolutionizing new approaches to addressing workplace inequality.

Editors note: We had intended to edit this to around 10 mins but the conversation kept flowing and we really just thought it was worth the full watch. Content warning: the topic of self harm is discussed. Please take care in watching. 


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