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20 People with Bottom Growth Detail Their Experience with Clutch

photo collage of hand model holding Clutch in various positions

When we were developing Clutch, our first dual-stimulating vibrator, we wanted to ensure that people of all bodies were able to enjoy the full potential of it. To account for this, we developed Clutch’s iconic looped handle and extremely functional adjustable external arm in hopes it could be more accommodating to bodies that have historically been neglected. 

When we are developing a new product, we do extensive product testing and take care to include testers who vary across gender, ability, body type and more. Two of ten original Clutch testers had bottom growth, but we wanted to get a wide range of responses now that Clutch has launched. 

So we surveyed 20 people with bottom growth, otherwise known as the the clitoral growth that can occur while using testosterone, on their experience with Clutch. While no two people will have the exact same experience, it is our hope that sharing this information will help folks with bottom growth who are curious about Clutch.

On a scale of 1-10: How would you rate your experience with Clutch?   15% of respondents rated Clutch 10/10 25% of respondents rated Clutch 9/10 25% of respondents rated Clutch 8/10 15% of respondents rated Clutch 7/10 20% of respondents rated Clutch less than 6/10

Of those who responded, 7 people said that the 4th vibrational setting of the external arm worked best for them, and 5 people responded that the 5th vibration setting of the external arm worked best for them.

On thrusting…

“I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy the clutch at first because I generally don't like much penetration when masturbating or playing with toys, however I am never one to not try out a new toy, especially one made by Unbound. But the Clutch has absolutely changed my opinions. I initially began using the toy only with the vibrator part externally on my bottom growth and that was a wonderful experience. Eventually I decided to use the insertable rumble part and that was a game changer. I don't always go for using multiple different settings on vibes or toys but I love making different combos with the clutch and the rumbling easily puts me over the edge when combined with the rabbit vibrator part. I like the rumbling much more than other standard toys like the clutch. Fantastic time over all.”

Hocusinyourpocus (On T since Summer 2020, approx. 2 inches of bottom growth)

“It was my first real toy besides a bullet vibe, and I love it. I use it all of the time, more than any of the other ones I have now. I love the settings for the vibrations and thrusting, and often times I will insert it and turn both the internal and external peice on and leave it there without moving it. It's extremely relaxing and super convenient.

— Shlondpoofa12 (On T for a few months, a few centimeters of growth) 

“I'm a transman who is comfortable with penetration and is not fond of vibration. I liked the idea of clutch as an almost hands-free internal thrusting experience, without the use of the external vibrator. I think due to my experience with larger insertions, that the length and the size of the toy was too small for me to enjoy. However introducing THC/CBD into the mix I found made me more sensitive to the sensation. I only really enjoy the toy laying on my side otherwise.”

— lizardman, (2 years on T, 1.5 inch growth)

“I do really like clutch, I don’t think it truly is a thrusting vibe though since they have done that mechanism differently. It really does feel like an internal vibrator. However, the end of the insertable bit is wider than the rest of the shaft and I think that helps compensate for the different sensation. I should also say it’s not bad, it is very enjoyable it’s just different than a thrusting vibrator.”  

— tdickrules (On T for about 9 months, slight growth) 


What was your preferred setting of Clutch’s external vibrating arm? (There are 7 intensities) 7 people preferred the 4rd vibrational setting 4 people preferred the 5th vibrational setting 3 people preferred the 3rd vibration setting

On the adjustable external arm… 

I barely even use my bullet anymore, because with the tapered top, it's hard to keep it on my growth, and I have to adjust it constantly. But with clutch, it has a wide surface area for the vibrator, so  it's way better for having the vibrations everywhere you need them. I use just the vibe a lot without the internal part if I'm not feeling it, and it's just as great!”

— Shlondpoofa12 (On T for a few months, a few centimeters of growth) 

“I find there's very limited battery life if the thrusting arm's turned on, but the external ear is pretty surprisingly powerful. I like to use it as a dildo/clitoral vibe combo.”

sign13 (On low-dose T for about a year) 

“The external arm does wonders for bottom growth and its varying intensities are very fun and accessible with the handle”

— Hocusinyourpocus (On T since Summer 2020, approx. 2 inches of bottom growth)

Additional tips and tricks 

“Try it both flipped up towards clit or down towards booty both are good”

—Enby696969 (Time on T approx 2-3 years, very big clit like triple what it was before T)

use it in reverse, with the vibrating arm against your ass.”

— lizardman, (2 years on T, 1.5 inch growth)

Be aware of your sensitivity. If you have new growth you might want to avoid vibrating toys or powerful suction toys as they can irritate sensitive tissue or overstimulate.”

— KzZz (On t for a year, about one inch of growth)

“Use it! It’s awesome. Be gentle at first and use extra lube

— ClutchFaggot21 (On T for two years, my clit dick is about the size of half a pink eraser)

I think that clutch can be a good option since it is flexible. Lots of settings and the moveable outer arm can help with a range of sensitivities. It also is a good option if you’ve got changes internally since it’s not too big to be overwhelming but still provides lots of sensation and different types of stimulation."

— tdickrules (On T for about 9 months, slight growth) 

"And the internal piece isn't too big, so if you want something in you but don't have the energy or time for something more, it's really great for satiating that need. And the handle! It so easy to hold, and let's you manipulate it in ways that would be hard with other toys, but is just so easy with this handle. Much less wrist pain too."

— Shlondpoofa12 (On T for a few months, a few centimeters of growth) 

"Depending on the size of your growth, it may be difficult to use both functions at once, but it is still great for both thrusting and vibrating functions separately. I think it could be a great investment for a toy with different types of stimulation."

— boobsauces (On T for three months, about an inch of growth)

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