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25 People with Limited Mobility and/or Dexterity Detail Their Experience with Clutch

photo collage of hand model holding Clutch in various positions

When we were developing Clutch, our first dual-stimulating vibrator, we wanted to ensure that people of all bodies were able to enjoy the full potential of it. To account for this, we developed Clutch’s iconic looped handle and extremely functional adjustable external arm in hopes it could be more accommodating to bodies that have historically been neglected. 

When we are developing a new product, we do extensive product testing and take care to include testers who vary across gender, ability, body type and more — but we wanted to get a wider range of responses now that Clutch has launched. 

So we surveyed 25 people who have limited mobility and/or dexterity (due to a condition, injury, the size of their body, or something else) on their experience with Clutch. While no two people will have the exact same experience, it is our hope that sharing this information will help folks with limited mobility and/or dexterity who are curious about Clutch.

On a scale of 1-10: How would you rate your experience with Clutch?   36% of respondents rated Clutch 10/10 32% of respondents rated Clutch 9/10 12% of respondents rated Clutch 8/10 8% of respondents rated Clutch 7/10 4% of respondents rated Clutch less than 6/10


On the looped handle…

“My favorite thing about Clutch is its handle design. I like both penetration and intense vibration on my clit, but can't use my hands to manually thrust a vibrator for long and can't really ride a dildo either. Clutch's ergonomic handle makes life way easier for me to get the sensation I want without hurting myself in a decidedly unsexy fashion”

— not baba yaga, (I have rheumatoid arthritis that affects my whole body in a number of d ifferent ways. My hands, wrists, and hips are strongly effected - they stiffen quickly, and they hurt with continuous use pretty quickly.)


"First, I loved the easy to grip handle. It's SO lightweight as well, which makes it the easiest toy I've used as someone with a disability that effects fine motor skills. I also like that you can choose whether to use just one or both of the parts, and you can use it it many ways, it's super versatile!"

— Molli (I have only one hand, and due to complications in the womb, my remaining hand has serious mobility limitations and stunted growth.)


“Being able to grip the handle with my entire hand and not just a few fingers made it so much easier to use than toys I’ve had in the past. Clutch made it easy to get the interior and exterior angles right without putting excess stress on my fingers or wrist.”

s. (I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which causes me to dislocate and sublux my joints with dangerous ease. My fingers are especially prone to pain and movement.)


“Very soft to touch, made handling comfortable. Wide handle meant could position multiple ways and switch to change position if becoming uncomfortable”

— Lily jones (Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, hyper mobility)

On the thrusting internal arm and adjustable external arm…

“I like Clutch, it's a regular in my rotation now. I don't find the charge lasts long enough for me if I use the thrusting arm, which is a bummer”

— not baba yaga, (I have rheumatoid arthritis that affects my whole body in a number of d ifferent ways. My hands, wrists, and hips are strongly effected - they stiffen quickly, and they hurt with continuous use pretty quickly.)

“I loved that the external vibe could be moved! I've had trouble with rabbit vibes before because the external vibe was no where near where it needed to be. The handle was also amazing, it gave me much more control than any toy ive used before”

Knoxious (I'm a very big person, 300 pounds)

What was your preferred setting of Clutch’s external vibrating arm? (There are 7 intensities) 10 people out of 25 preferred the 3rd vibrational setting 3 people preferred the 5th vibrational setting 2 people preferred the 4th vibration setting
What was your preferred setting of Clutch’s internal thrusting arm? (Up to 5 intensities)  6 people preferred the 6th thrusting setting 2 people preferred the 2nd thrusting setting 3 people preferred the 7th thrusting setting 2 people preferred the 4th thrusting setting

Additional tips and tricks…

“I pushed the part of Clutch that sticks out down, so that it angled up into me and use it hands free until the end. At the end I pump the "handle" down repetitively, causing it to hit my g spot over and over. What I love about Clutch is I can come again and again--it does not numb me or make me come where it becomes painful and I must stop. It is less intense than some of my more standby toys and therefore requires more pumping from me and thrusting from my hips, but when I come the fact that I can do so repeatedly with pleasure is amazing.”

— Plays With Toys 24 (I have stiff wrists, short arms and short fingers. So not the most limited but all my solo action is all toy and not much from me.)

“Consider wedging the handle between your thighs or loosely gripping it rather than strongly grasping-the thrust takes a lot of the work off you once it’s in.”

 Anon, (Hypermobile hands with unstable grip over long periods, hypermobile wrists)

“Go slow. LOTS of lube. The tip can be intimidating so if you have a vagina, massage your opening/entrance with the tip first. I warmed up with puff first actually. Take breaks”

— Shine (Fibromyalgia)

“Use lube to ease insertion, kneel or squat or lift one leg on  the something for easier insertion. The external arm is broad so no need for specific positioning. for fat people, you may have to spread your legs wider to accommodate insertion.”

BronxieBaby, (As a super fat person, my mobility is limited in that it can be difficult to reach many parts of my body! That means I need specific toys that work with my size (props if a plus size partner can use them on me too)

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