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Interview: How Squish Works

Interview: How Squish Works

We sat down with our Product Development Senior Manager, Jing, to talk through her ~very first~ toy she's overseen from start-to-finish. Jing oversaw the design and production of Squish and played huge role in making sure Squish's squeezy bod could make it in your hands! Thank you, Jing!



Welcome to Squish land! We are so excited to share with you the softest and most bouncy toy you’ll ever want! Hop on the squishy ride, and we’ll tell you all about it!

Squish is our newest take on making the experience of pleasure more intuitive and explorative. It is the 3rd generation of Unbound’s haptic vibrators – it inherits its predecessors’ squishy and playful qualities, emphasizing user comfort and ergonomics.

We loved our older generations of haptic designs; however, we also saw their flaws in functionality, lack of consideration for user experience, and unaffordability to our audience. To create a more thoughtful user experience, we deep-dived into product reviews from all previous generations, analyzed and compiled reasons for likes and dislikes, and determined improvements that would help to resolve previous issues reflected by users. The development journey was inspired by you from the very beginning, and we can’t wait to share what you’ve helped to build!

Q: What does "haptic" mean? How does it work?

Haptic simply means tactile, pertaining to the sense of touch. Haptic devices utilize sensors that measure forces applied by the user on the interfacing area of the product. In the case of Squish, its internal mechanism incorporates air pressure sensors that allow you to control the vibration strength by squeezing the product. You can apply as much or as little pressure as you want, strong pressure produces powerful vibration, and light pressure produces subtle vibration.

Haptic technology has always been at the core of Unbound’s interest in providing more innovative products. In its ubiquitous nature, haptic technology is used everywhere in almost every digital device in our daily life; however, it is not seen often in sexual wellness products. Haptic technology can create a far more intuitive user experience than the traditional button, which requires repeatedly clicking through settings during an activity that’s supposed to be pleasurable and free feeling. Unlike most other vibrators that require users to click a button to switch settings, Squish is controlled by a squeeze from your hand, a gesture that has been utilized ever since the primal time of human pleasure.

Q: What are the benefits of using Haptic technology?"

Besides the intuitive control, Squish is also highly customizable. It allows you to lock in at any intensity you like in the haptic mode, even if you apply the lightest pressure to the product, it can maintain that level of subtle vibration through the lock function. It’s sort of like picking a color in the rainbow gradient diagram, you can capture any level of vibration in the gradient! While Squish is great for solo use its haptic function is also flirtatious in nature – perfect for partner play. When Squish is in haptic mode, it allows you or your partner to activate vibrations with a simple squeeze gesture at any point during your journey. It can help to facilitate trust between partners, set up your own pace, and let go of control whenever you feel safe to do so.

Q: What if I'm unable to keep my grip for an extended period of time?

In addition to the haptic function, Squish also features four preset intensities, two patterns, and a lock function. If you’re in a longer session where a consistent vibration is needed, you have the option to switch to a preset intensity with just one click of the preset button on the right. Or if you’re just feeling tired of having to use your hand so much, simply lock in the current intensity that you like by clicking the haptic button on the left once for instant relief of any potential stress in your hands.


Want to learn more about how to use your Squish? Check out our Squish Quick Start Guide with quick tips and video tutorials!

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