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Letter from our team: Squish Edition

Letter from our team: Squish Edition
It is our team’s pleasure to introduce you to Squish, our soft, squishy little haptic masterpiece.  We believe that sharing the process of building a vibe works to demystify these products and humanize the world of sex toys, and hopefully, the people that make them too. While our team of 7 is small and mighty, we didn’t work alone on this. All great products are the result of the hard work and care of a network of engineers, manufacturers, shipment carriers, product testers, and finally — you. We’re so thrilled to share Squish with you! Read on for a little glimpse into the making of Squish:

I've been obsessed with haptic technology since I first discovered it as a management consultant working on a technology innovation project in 2011. It was a time when IoT was all the rage and we couldn't wait for every product in our home to be controlled by an app on our phones, including vibrators. To me, haptic technology was the rebuttal to app-enabled products. Instead of allowing phones to play the role of intermediary in our intimacy, haptic technology allows us to connect with a product on a deeper, more intuitive level. The product instantaneously molds itself to the user's emotional response, and I find that concept to be truly powerful in how we engage with physical products, and ourselves. I hope you’ll find Squish to be as delightfully innovative as we do!
For me, Squish is a very welcomed addition to the Unbound world, and I feel like we’re releasing it at the perfect moment. There are so many things I could say about it’s tech but at the heart of it, Squish is just so fucking *fun,* and I think that’s something we’re all craving right now. Every bit of this launch feels really fun to me- the product photography is dreamy and playful and the vibe itself is delightfully tactile. Seriously, you will not want to put it down. My hope is that owning a Squish brings our babes joy and pleasure in a time that feels a bit restless. You deserve to have fun- in the bedroom and in every aspect of
your life.



Designing and developing Squish was such a joyful experience! The haptic technology always reminds me of how much I loved tactile toys growing up, even now as an adult ;-) When designing Squish, we wanted the overall shape to indicate its squishy function, the wavy bulbous body can speak to its purpose – meant for holding, grabbing, caressing and loving. I think Squish is the ultimate toy to facilitate self-love, let your intuition free your mind, dissolve your body into the waves that are created by you and for your own enjoyment only.



Squish looks like it comes from some kind of surrealist dreamy alternate reality, so coming up with creative to build around that 'vibe' was really fun. Because Squish has such a unique shape and functionality, we really wanted to highlight those features by playing with scale and other forms of otherworldly manipulation. Working with the hugely talented creative team we built for the shoot made this process seamless and gave Squish a huge injection of fun that I feel can so often be missing in the world of "serious" sex toys.  Squish is adventurous, Squish is fun, and Squish definitely doesn't take itself too seriously, and that's the gospel of Squish!



Behind the scenes, the supply chain feels a lot like a relay race, and it’s time to pass the baton off to you! I’m so glad the cat’s out the bag and we get to share this wondrous vibe with the world. It’s been hard keeping hush about Squish because of all the hard work that has gone into bringing this bright delight into the sun, and the vibe around this vibe is just so warm and fun. It has been so wildly exciting to see all the pleasurable bits of Squish come together--from its name, its shape, its colors, its function, and all the way down to the creative--it just feels brilliant! Squish is dreamy and inviting, and I’m positive y’all will be glowing about it too. Squeeze to your heart’s (or another body part…) content, lock in that pattern, and enjoy!
I’m so tremendously excited to launch Squish– I love how it feels in my hand, I love the rumbly vibrations, I love the squeezy functionality, I love the community that inspired us to push the limits of design and bring this product into being, and I love our team who built it so thoughtfully and is launching it with style. I can’t wait to bring Squish to Unbound’s wholesale customers across the world and the many, many wonderful people who choose to shop with them. Squish is the culmination of thousands of years of mathematics and engineering. Squish is yesterday’s dream. Squish is today’s reality. At long last, Squish is here.


Apart from the amazing haptic technology, my favorite thing about Squish is just how fun and genuinely cute it looks. And while, yes, the shape of it is very intuitive and user friendly, it also actually looks… actually friendly? I see Squish and I want to pinch its cheeks (and I can and it’ll vibrate!). As the content gal, I have to come up with creative ways to show our products in a hostile digital environment — the playful shape of Squish makes that a million times easier. I’m excited to get ~cheeky~ with Squish!

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