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Our Niche Love Languages

graphic of an arrow shot through a heart with text

We're all familiar with the Five Love Languages: gift giving, words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch and quality time. Like languages, love is so nuanced and unique between individuals. The Unbound team shared their hyper-specific and incredibly niche ways of showing love: 


Polly, CEO (she/her)

Niche love language: Painting portraits* of four legged friends
*very mediocre ones as a beginner w/ no clue what I'm doing but that's the joy in it!
Unbound Valentine:


Sarah Jayne, CCO (she/her)

Niche love language: Trying fun snacks together  
Unbound Valentine:


Shazi, Director of Supply Chain (she/her)

Niche love language: Admiring every cat, no matter the street, bodega, or home
Unbound Valentine: Puff + Ollie

Kate, Director of Design (she/her)

Niche love language: Sharing my favorite books w/ u!
Unbound Valentine: Ollie + Spike


Maddy, Content Manager (she/her)

Niche love language: Making elaborate charcuterie boards
Unbound Valentine: Puff + Jolt


Sam, Wholesale Manager (they/them)

Niche Love Language: Cooking for & with the people I love :-)   
Unbound Valentine: Ollie !!!!


Jing, Product Development Manager (she/her)

Niche love language: Taking loved ones to watch sunset on the beach
Unbound Valentine: Bender + Shimmy

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