start the year with a damn good deal: bean + jolt gel for only $20.21.

start the year with a damn good deal: bean + jolt gel for only $20.21.

Translucent pink handle spike pinwheel
Translucent pink handle spike pinwheel close up
Translucent pink handle spike pinwheel close up straight on
Spike pinwheel packaging


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Spike's three rows of pinwheels make it the perfect tool for sensation play or exploring that medical kink of yours. YUP. Originally called a Wartenberg Wheel, this small spikey device was developed to test nerve endings. The long handle allows you to apply pressure as you see fit making this a fun foreplay tool. Remember, play safely and consensually, folx!


Spike is made from surgical grade stainless steel and dyed acrylic. Total length is 6.5 inches.

  • BDSM
  • Couples
  • Impact Play

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Customer Reviews

Based on 106 reviews
Spice up your sensation play with Spike

I'm very sensitive and Spike perfectly straddles the line between pleasure and almost-pain. Spike is super cute and can be sharp when you apply pressure, or you can use it gently for a subtle sensation. Either way, Spike is a great toy for anyone interested in sensation play.

A great introduction to sensory play!

I was surprised by how much I LOVE this toy. Leaves a pleasant tingling sensation wherever it goes!

So tingly

I absolutely love Spike. I haven't had intimate relations with anyone other than myself since the pandemic began, so Spike has made me feel less touch deprived. I love it on my neck and the back of my head especially, but it feels great everywhere. I like that I can use it for sexy time or just to relax!

Fun little addition

Not super painful by any means, if you love those soft finger traces on your skin, you should give this wheel a try


It works exactly like it’s supposed to. I pleased with it. It makes me wish Unbound would put out less beginner toys.

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