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5 Creative Ways to Use Unbound Toys

illustration of Bender, Tsk and Orion

Who doesn’t love a little mixing and matching? Whether you’re looking for a new way to use an old favorite or simply combining pleasure products, here are 5 creative ways to use some of Unbound’s best-sellers.


Nipple Puff Play

Puff is known for its ability to deliver 5 intense levels of suction to wherever it creates a seal around…including the nipples! This seal can help to keep the nipple engorged and in place under Puff so that it can please this pleasure spot with 5 intense levels of suction power. Who knew something could suck so good?!


Bender with a BANG

This flexible vibrator can double as a forceful impact toy for folks who are into that sort of thing! Use it turned off or on with one of its 8 vibration settings to deliver added sensations with each slap. Draped in smooth silicone, Bender will deliver more of a THUD-like sensation on the meatier places of the body where it’s safe to play, such as the ass and upper thighs.


Try Ollie and Orion together for some kinky play

Restrain that special someone with Orion, a set of two cuffs that connect to a center ring and an adjustable strap that can be used for over-the-door play. Once they’re secured in place, use Ollie - our most powerful wand - on their external hot spots to either edge them toward orgasm or deny them one altogether…with consent, of course!

Pro Tip: Try the Ollie glow-in-the-dark version for some added fun in the dark🖤


The ultimate dungeon look

For the ultimate look either in or out of the dungeon, combine our adjustable Harness collar & waist set with the Bangles, and, optionally - the Nipple & Clit Clamp set! This triple threat combo brings multiple aspects of BDSM play to your outfit including restraints with the Bangle handcuffs, some power exchange with the collar, and of course, a little *pinch* with the clamps.


Truth or Dare game with a twist thanks to Tsk

Remove and play with only the Dare cards. Take turns asking each other to perform what's on the card. If someone can’t complete it (or won’t for any brats out there!), they’ll earn a spanking with the paddle side of Tsk. But if the dare is completed, a tickle with the tassel side of Tsk is earned instead. At the end of the game, take turns delivering what you’ve earned! 

Just like when you play the regular version of our Truth or Dare cards, someone can always choose to pass!

BONUS - Storage with style

This vibe vault can do more than just stash away your sex toys! Its size and layout make it perfect for storing just about…anything! It also comes topped with a handle to make things more portable, quickly allowing you to bring your fav things out and about with you, such as:

  • Nailpolish & nail care items
  • Makeup (with brushes in the top zipper compartment!)
  • Toiletries & skincare items
  • Tech items like chargers, external hard drives, memory cards, etc. together…perfect for any vloggers!




Emily Zawadzki (she/her) is a femme lesbian with a passion for inclusive, pleasure-based sex education and sex toys! She works as an educator & content creator for Canadian sex toy company Stag Shop by day and freelance writes about sex by night. Learn more by following her on Instagram or checking out her website.

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