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Valentine's Day for the Perpetually Single

Valentine's Day for the Perpetually Single

While joining the "Singles Awareness Day" collective might be tempting, I say "skip it." Love and appreciation shouldn't have to be exclusive to the person you're dating (or not dating). Call me a sap but love is a lot bigger than that. And yes, it should mean more than a Whitman's Sampler on the 14th day of the second month but sometimes we just gotta let ourselves play along with the constructs of corporate-driven holidays. Otherwise, we'd miss out on things like those vaguely holiday shaped Reese's. I am here to give you permission to enjoy it no matter what. Take the time to reach out to people you love and tell them that you do. Committed, dating(ish) or just hooking up--relationship status is trivial. This is a holiday for all. Enjoy it. Have fun. 

I've been electively unattached most February 14th's as I have been perpetually single for most of the years of my life. Even still, that fantastic anticipation that people get around this time of year is not lost on me. I still make Valentines and send them to my friends whether they're part of a couple or single. I make sure to take a minute to reach out to anyone I know who may have lost their lifelong Valentine in recent years (start doing this please!). And then, I take care of myself. In a big way. I've had some amazingly romantic Valentine's Days- yes, solo. Whether going to a movie with a travel mug of Malbec in tow or buying all of the items I collect (hoard) in my Anthropologie shopping cart online. Or one of my fondest: the year I rented a car and slipped out of the city to enjoy a few hours on the open road. It's not a way for me to say, "I don't need anyone." It's how I reaffirm that no matter what, I need me. I allow myself to know I'm loved and taken care of and all the better if it's done by myself. And that can truly be the toughest yet most rewarding love of all.

Happy Valentine's Day! Make everyone feel loved--and never forget yourself. I know I won't...

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