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Our Product Picks for Pregnant People, Hitting the G-Spot, Bottom Growth and More

photo of Gem glass dildo, Jelly lubricant, Shimmy anal plug, Bender vibrator, Stellar glass dildo, stimulating Jolt Gel, Ollie Vibrator, Nudge anal plug and Puff vibrator against a black background

It’s hard to know which toy from the Unboundiverse is right for you or your situation. While we design every toy with all bodies in mind, there is no universally perfect toy. Finding the right toy increases your pleasure and it’s also a great way to make sure you don’t waste money — luckily, we broke some of it down for you.

Our picks for people with bottom growth

 photos courtesy of @flex.mami and @patiasfantasyworld

For people with bottom growth, also known as the the enlargement of the clitoris due to taking testosterone, we reccommend our suction vibrator, Puff. People with varying levels of bottom growth and clitoral sensitivity were able to find success thanks to Puff’s opening and varied vibrational settings. Don’t take our word for it — we talked to 16 people with bottom growth and their experience with Puff. A best-selling, crowd pleaser for good reason!



Our picks for pregnant people

photos courtesy of @aiko_in_bloom and @creepybadwitch

Pregnant people, try Ollie on for size — by far our, erm… heftiest vibe, it’ll definitely get the job done. At about 12 inches long, Ollie can help you reach any spot that may be a challenge to get to (especially if you have a far-along pregnant belly). We also highly recommend using Ollie as a massager on any other part of your body that may be aching from, you know, carrying another human inside of you



Our picks for babes on a budget

photos courtesy of @iceicebabyspice and @safe.slut

Vibing on a budget? We got you. While we aim for all of our toys to be at an accessible price point, we understand that not everyone can splurge on a high-end toy, or risk purchasing a cheaper one with questionable quality. Enter: Zip, our single-setting, buzzy, battery operated vibe, for $20 or Pep, our compact, rumbly vibe for $42. 


Our picks for the traveling babe

photos courtesy of @sexedcelina and @luhshawnay

Our budget-friendly vibes are also our travel-friendliest vibes — since they’re small and inconspicuous, Pep and Zip are ideal travel partners. Add Puff and Bender to the itinerary, too! Be sure to fully power them down or remove Zip’s battery if you plan on going through TSA. Don’t forget to snag an additional charger in case you lose it on the go.



Our picks for ~sensitive~ folks 

photos courtesy of @discoveringcasey and @studiosexus

If you’re trying to heighten your senses, try dipping your toe (or other things…) into our stimulating Jolt Gel, which has natural stimulating properties that increases bloodflow when applied to the desired area. Pair Jolt with accessories like Spike or Nipple + Clit Clamp specially designed for sensation play — fun to look at, even more fun to play with. 


Our picks for the G-spot 

photos courtesy of @heavymetalgorilla and @spilledmyjuice

If you’re trying to get to the G-spot, we can take you there. Bender has a flexible body that tapers out at the ends making it ideal for all-over, clitoral and G-spot stimulation — and yes, it can definitely be worn during penetrative sex. If you want a work of art that will also hit your G-spot, go with Stellar. Stellar is made of beautiful, solid borosilicate glass and has a curvy body and ergonomic handle to maximize internal stimulation. 

An honorable mention: Jolt Gel as for its stimulating properties can also increase blood flow to your G-spot, therefore making it larger and easier to reach.


Want more? We’ve also come up with this handy vibe matrix that charts vibration and sound for each vibrator.  There’s also a product quiz that can help you find what you’re looking for. Of course, if you have any questions at all regarding how a product might work for your body, our team is available to answer all your questions at or through our chat box on the site.

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